Branches Coulee Crisp LeCrescent


Coulee Crisp- LaCrescent


(Westby, Wisconsin)


On Bottle/Website:

*Abundant tropical fruit flavors

*Bright and refreshing

*Delightful contrast to rich foods or complement to seafood


* 12% alcohol

My Notes:

* Appearance: Clear, bright, straw, light concentration, no rim variation, little viscosity

* Nose: Peaches, green apple, white flowers, honey

* Palate: Slightly sweet, medium bodied, fruit confirms nose, medium plus alcohol, medium plus acidity, medium plus finish, medium minus complexity

This bottle of wine was brought to me by a friend who had recently visited this new winery in Wisconsin.  This wine produced a lot of warmth and alcohol flavor upon first tasting it.  The flavors developed and the fruit notes became more pronounced as I drank the bottle.