Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay

Chateau St. Jean



(Sonoma County)


On Bottle:


* Pear, lemon cream and hazelnut

* 13.4% ABV

My notes:

Appearance: clear, bright, yellow, medium concentration, medium viscosity

Nose: clean, medium intensity, aroma/youthful, citrus, lemon, golden apple, pear, cream, butter, almond, subtle oak

Palate: dry, light to medium bodied, confirmed fruit and non-fruit, medium alcohol, medium minus acidity, medium finish, medium complexity

Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon

Louis M. Martini

Cabernet Sauvignon


(Sonoma County)


On bottle:

* Website:

* Fresh, ripe flavors of black cherry, currant and spice

* Pairs well with beef, lamb, pasta marinara and rich cheeses

My notes:

Nose: spice, currant, blackberries

After 3 hour decant: spice, mellow

After 6 hour decant: currant, cherry

The nose changed considerable after being decanted. The difference in tannin was perceptible even in the nose.  I enjoyed the nose of the 6 hour decant the most.

Taste: heavy tannins, extremely astringent

After 3 hour decant: smoother, but still bitter mouthfeel

After 6 hour decant: smoothes, still a level of astringence

I was not a fan of this particular cabernet sauvignon.  I always thought that I enjoyed cabernet sauvignon, but I do not drink it often because I can rarely find someone who wants to split a bottle with me.  I did this taste test without food, so even though I wrote down in my notes not to purchase this particular wine again, maybe I will give it a shot with a meal.

I have seen this particular vintage and brand in many lists of solid cabernets, so either my tastes are very different than a lot of reputable sources or maybe I don’t like cabernet sauvignons as much as I thought.  More taste testing is needed to determine my final assessment.