Recommended Reading

In an effort to prepare for the Introductory Sommelier Course through The Court of Master Sommeliers, I have many books on my coffee table that I am working my way through.


Last year, I read Complete Wine Course by Kevin Zraly so I am taking some time to review the chapters.  I read this book with a group and we did tastings from each course along the way.  It was some of the most fun I have had with wine and it was fabulous to get multiple perspectives while tasting.

Perfect Pairings by Evan Goldstein is providing some interesting background knowledge to use when pairing wines with food.  Truth be told, I think I am more excited about diving into his book Daring Pairings, but I feel as if I have to wait to dig into it until after I have built a solid foundation of basic pairing principles and understand the concepts well enough to expand on classical pairing philosophies.

I am using Pairing Food & Wine for Dummies to help build this foundation as well.  I have never purchased a ‘for Dummies’ book, but I guess it was about time.  The slogan at the top of the cover states that they are “Making Everything Easier!”  Here’s hoping.

The Sothby’s Wine Encyclopedia by Tom Stevenson and Grossman’s Guide to Wines, Beers and Spirits by Harold Grossman are both daunting reference books.  I don’t foresee myself reading through more than just the introduction and for the purpose of looking up specific wines, beers or spirits.  They are both a good upper body workout when I pick them up, though.

I also have a stack of old copies of Food & Wine Magazine to peruse for some insight.

Are there any other books you have read that you would recommend to help me prepare for the Introductory Course?




Welcome to my journey of alcohol enlightenment!  This website is a culmination of multiple passions that I possess: creative writing, continuing education, alcohol consumption and delicious meals.  My goal is to eventually become a certified sommelier.  This website was initially born out of the desire to have documentation of the interesting things I am learning.  It will also be a valuable resource when I have a particular vintage or brew that I vaguely remember, but can’t quite place. I will simply be able to jump online and look it up in my own personal wine, beer and spirits encyclopedia.  I never would have imagined that my life’s opus would revolve around alcohol.  But I love that it does.

Part of continuously educating myself on the wine, beer and spirits industry will involve tasting a plethora of new alcohols.  Rough job description, right?  One goal I have for myself is to travel to one local winery, brewery or distillery each month and write about my experience.  I will also try one new wine, beer or spirit each week and document my thoughts.