Wine Cube Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Cube (Target Brand)

Sauvignon Blanc


(St. Helena, Napa County, California)

On Box/Website:

* dazzlingly sophisticated, but completely down to earth

* tropical aromas, bright citrus and melon flavors

* crisp, refreshing finish

* vented and bottled by Trinchero Family Estates

* offers delicious, high quality wine with color, aromas and flavors providing fresh, full-bodied tastes

* guarantee the last glass will be as fresh as the first

* one cube equals two bottles

* fresh for up to four weeks

*13% alcohol

My Notes:

Appearance: clear, bright, low concentration, no rim variation, low viscosity

Nose: clean, low intensity, youthful, lemon, citrus, asparagus, grass

Palate: light, medium bodied, confirms nose, mild flavor, medium alcohol, medium minus acidity, short finish, low complexity

For a boxed wine, this Sauvignon Blanc delivered to my decidedly low expectations.  The wine established a very light, mellow flavor.  Non-aggressive and simple on the palate, this would be a decent wine to pack for a picnic or day on the beach.  Ease of transport and no glass are the selling features for this wine.  Although, in all honesty, this wine was more pleasing than many bottled wines I have tasted.

Groth Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon


(Oakville, Napa Valley, California)


On Bottle/Website

* Big and lush with huge gobs of fruit in the aroma and flavor

* Soft and supple texture

* Menu suggestions: “A slab and a Cab”, Dennis Groth recommends you drink his Cabernet Sauvignon with steak

* 14.9% alcohol

My Notes:

* Appearance:  clear, bright, ruby

* Nose: sound/clean, aroma/youthful, medium plus intensity, black currant, black raspberry, black cherry

* Palate: dry, full bodied, plum, blackberry, medium high tannin, medium plus alcohol, medium plus acidity, medium plus complexity, medium plus length

Frog’s Leap Zinfandel

Frog’s Leap



(Napa Valley)


On Bottle/Website:

* 85% Zinfandel, 14.5% Petit Sirah, 0.5% Carignane

* Not exactly fresh fruit and not really jam, either

* Summer fruit: strawberry, raspberry, fig, huckleberry

* Sophisticated and fun

* Surprising flavors, no jammy sweetness

* Taut, refined and reminiscent of a very fine Tuscan Chianti

My Notes:

Appearance:  clear, black, pink rim variation, high viscosity

Nose: sound/clean, medium plus intensity, aroma/youthful, plum, boysenberry, jammy, cherry cola, eucalyptis

Palate: dry, medium/full bodied, confirms nose, medium high tannins, medium plus alcohol, medium acidity, medium plus complexity, medium plus length