Tasting Exercise: Fruit Catagories

My goal while learning about different wines is to become proficient in all of the aspects of tasting.  There are a plethora of tasting exercises that can be completed to help accomplish this goal.  This week I will be focusing on learning about viscosity determining the different fruit categories found in wine.  I will be keeping in mind that not everyone tastes the exact same fruit.  I will be starting with bigger, broader categories and narrowing in on smaller, more specific fruits.

* Create a chart (example Dr. Ann Noble’s Wine Aroma Wheel) with super categories first.

* Try to fill in the next sub-category.  Then, try to fill in the further sub-categories.  Do this for all the categories you can think of.

* For example:  Fruit – Citrus Fruit – Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Lime – (Grapefruit)  Pink Grapefruit, Yellow Grapefruit

* To memorize, give yourself a large category like fruit, vegetable, earth, floral, etc. and try to fill in the sub-categories by memory until it becomes rote.

* Create this in a blind smelling situation.  Have someone set a similar progression in glasses and blind smell you on them.  (Link to last week’s tasting exercise.)