Cinzano Gran Cuvee Rosé


Rosé Gran Cuvee




On Bottle/Website:

* Blend of Durello, Garganega, Trebbiano and Pinot Noir grapes

* Distinctive natural pink color

My Notes:

* Appearance: clear, bright, pink, low concentration

* Nose: clean, weak intensity, red berries

* Palate:  confirms nose

I tasted this wine with spicy Chinese food to see if the sparkling wine would cut through the spiciness.  Unfortunately, the food was not spicy enough to fully test the theory.  I have not tasted many rosés, so it is possibly that this type of wine is simply not for me.  Or maybe the food pairing did not bring out the best in this particular wine.  Whatever the case may be, this wine is not one that I have a desire to purchase again.