Varichon et Clerc Dry Rosé

Varichon et Clerc

Dry Rosé




On Bottle/Website:

* Unoaked, Medium Bodied, Dry

* Located in the alpine region of Savoie, between Lyon and Geneva

* 12% alcohol

* Suggested to use as an aperitif

* Grape Varieties Used (20% of each):  Altesse, Cinsault, Gamay, Molette, Sciacarellu

My Notes:

Appearance: clear, bright, pink, low concentration

Nose: clean, weak, strawberry

Palate: dry, medium bodied, strawberry, medium alcohol, medium low acidity, medium plus finish, medium complexity

In an effort to challenge myself to write more frequently, I am attempting to participate in more writing opportunities in the blogging community, specifically in relation to wines, beer or spirits.  I recently wrote a post based around the concept of trouble for a writing challenge.

When Talk-a-Vino posted a link to the Wine Blogging Wednesday 80, Dry Rosé, I was intrigued but I wasn’t actually confident that I would have an opportunity to pick up a dry rosé before the deadline.  This week I had lunch with a close friend and we ended up stopping at a wine studio afterward.  Upon perusing the wine menu, I noticed a dry rosé.  It didn’t even click in my mind at the time that it fit the WBW criteria. I chose this particular wine because I am newly intrigued by rosés, mostly because I have not tasted many of them and I am trying to broaden my horizons and build my memory bank of wines.  As I read through Talk-a-Vino’s recent post tonight, I was reminded of the challenge and excited that I had fulfilled the requirement of tasting a dry rosé.  It was my first, but it will not be my last.  I loved it! And I am thankful to have read more than a few suggestions that they are not to be relegated to the summer months.



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