Tasting Exercise: Acid Levels

My goal while learning about different wines is to become proficient in all of the aspects of tasting.  There are a plethora of tasting exercises that can be completed to help accomplish this goal.  This week I will be focusing on learning about acid levels in wine.

* Try a Napa Valley Chardonnay versus a Premier Cru Chablis side by side, then in a blind fashion five times.  There should be a medium and a high acid level.  Repeat five days in a row.

* Try a Napa Valley Viognier versus a Mosel Riesling side by side knowing what they are, then in a blind fashion five times.  Repeat five days in a row.

* Or, put all four in one flight.  Focus on acid impression only.

* Try the same exercise with:

Barossa Valley Shiraz versus Cornas

Napa Valley Merlot versus Washington State Merlot

Gigondas versus Sardinian Cannonau

* Try the same exercise with the same wine from different vintages: one hotter and one cooler.

* If you are having issues, try sucking a lemon (high acid) versus chewing a cantaloupe melon (medium low acid). Taste and cement impressions.