Potosi Brewing Company Steamboat Shandy

Potosi Brewing Company is the closest brewery in my area.  Located in Wisconsin, the home of many fabulous craft breweries, Potosi Brewing Company has a long, rich history.  They celebrate the art of beer at the National Brewery Museum and research library located at the brewery.  I have visited the brewery many times, but always simply for pleasure and never with a discerning eye with the intention of writing about it.  I look forward to driving there again soon and tasting the brews with my notebook in hand.

I typically enjoy a good summer brew, so when I saw Potosi’s Steamboat Shandy, I was immediately interested in sampling it.

Basic Info (via bottle and website)

* Light bodied golden ale blended with pure cane sugar and lemon juice

* 4.5% ABV

* Available April through September

* Refreshing crisp and clean beer

My Notes

This beer was too sweet for me.  As much as I often like a bit of lemon flavor in a summer brew, the addition of pure cane sugar sent it a bit over the edge for me.


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