Purple Haze

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the type of sushi that I find palatable.  She paired the sushi with both a Japanese beer (Sapporo) and also introduced me to a warm Sake and Chambord drink that she aptly titled Purple Haze.

Sake is a fermented rice beverage that traces its roots back to third century Korea. There are over 100 breweries (kura) in Japan.  Sake is usually 15-20% alcohol.


Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur.  It uses a unique three step process to make the liqueur a high quality product.  To make Chambord they perform a double fruit infusion and extraction, marry the flavors and blend the flavors.  Chambord is 16.5-23% alcohol.

The Sake and Chambord were served warm in a teapot, giving it an earthy, homey feel.  The raspberry flavor kicked the intensity up a notch.  The Purple Haze concoction was a fabulous accompaniment to the meal.

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