Wine & Food Pairing Tip: Tart Wine

I am a firm believer that everybody should eat and drink what tastes good to them.  That simple.  Every person has a different palate.  Every person finds different tastes pleasurable.  Find what makes your tastebuds sing and go with it! That being said, there are many wine and food pairing tips that work beautifully for the majority of the population.

When the wine is tart:

* Select dishes that are rich, creamy, high in fat or salty to counterbalance the wine.

* Match the wine with tart food (sharp ingredients, vinaigrettes and other sharp sauces.)

* Use the wine to cut the heat in mildly spicy dishes.

* Try skipping the lemon wedge that you might otherwise serve with the dish (with fish, chicken, veal, pork, vegetables and grains.)


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