Kirsch Wine Spritzer

If you love the flavor of cherries, you will want to try this wine spritzer immediately!  It features cherry flavored brandy, cherry soda and dried cherries.  If you have fresh cherries in abundance, they would be a perfect addition.  This recipe and photo are from


Kirsch-Wine Spritzer

1/2 cup kirsch (cherry brandy)

1/2 cup white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling

2 to 4 ounces of cherry soda

2 ounces dried cherries (about 24)

* Combine the kirsch and white wine in a pitcher and refrigerate until ready to serve.

* Fill six 10-ounce glasses with ice.

* Divide kirsch-wine mixture evenly in the glasses.

* Top off each glass with soda; stir.

* Garnish each drink with four cherries.

Spritzers are easy to make in large quantities, so it would be great to have on hand when you are expecting guests, like a sangria.

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