Tomato Caprese Fizz

Who doesn’t love a good Caprese Salad this time of year, when the basil if fresh?  Especially if you can pluck those basil leaves from your own herb garden!  This drink recipe mimics a Caprese Salad.  There is a bit of preparation required; you will have to decide to make it at least the night before so that you are able to properly infuse the gin.  But it is worth it.  And how much would you impress your friends if you have this waiting on the bar for them the next time you host happy hour?

Tomato Caprese Fizz

4 oz. sundried tomato-infused gin
5 leaves basil
4 oz. soda water
Garnish: basil, cherry tomato, mozzarella ball

Infuse gin overnight or longer with a half-dozen sun-dried tomatoes per 750ml bottle. Shake occasionally, take the cap off, and sniff it to see how the flavor is maturing. Take a sip if no one’s watching, then let it sit longer until the color is a rusty red.

To prepare the cocktail, muddle basil with crushed ice at the bottom of a highball glass and top with equal parts soda water and sun-dried-tomato-infused gin.  Garnish with a speared cherry tomato, basil leaf, and mozzarella ball, and then drink up and proceed to talk with your hands a lot.

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