Tasting Exercise: Rim Variation

My goal while learning about different wines is to become proficient in all of the aspects of tasting.  There are a plethora of tasting exercises that can be completed to help accomplish this goal.  This week I will be focusing on learning about rim variation.  (Photos from Wine Folly, the same website I found the fun wine posters.)

* Pour one ounce of the same red wine (try a purple tinted wine produced from Syrah or Malbec) from two different vintages: one from within the last four years and one at least ten years old.

* The older wine should show a range of fading colors from core to rim.

* Pour one ounce of a red wine naturally tawny hued in youth (Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, certain Grenache, certain Pinot Noirs) beside one ounce of a red wine naturally purple hued at least ten years old.

* The aged wine should show difference in color from the core to the rim whereas the naturally tawny should be the same color all the way through.


4 thoughts on “Tasting Exercise: Rim Variation

  1. Rim variation is an important factor which is often overlooked. It shows not only age of wine, but also the potential amount of alcohol in the wine (the more noticeable clear rim is, more alcohol you should expect).
    By the way, as you are learning about the wines, this might be an interesting link for you: http://www.timgaiser.com/how-to-taste-wine.html

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