Sunset Ridge Winery, Dubuque, Iowa

Sunset Ridge Winery recently opened a tasting room located five miles north of Dubuque, Iowa along Highway 52.  It is a family owned winery that began as a vine garden project.  The winery is located in the bluffs and boasts a spectacular view of the country-side.


The tasting room was opened on June 5, 2013 and my cousin and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to visit them in their first week.  At this time, they offer eight wines.  For the tasting, you are allowed five wine tastings and you are given a complimentary wine glass for five dollars.

The father and son team who own the winery, John and Ian Bonet, were working the tasting room.  They were full of vigor and lively anecdotes.  My cousin and I commented later that we felt right at home, as if we were visiting with our own family members.  Conversation was not forced; it was fun and enjoyable.  They were quick with laughs and made you feel at home.


The outdoor area was stunning, surrounded by timber areas.  A large tented area included comfortable outdoor furniture surrounding a lovely fountain.  A perfect spot to sit and consume a bottle of wine.  While we were there, a couple was inquiring about a fall wedding and it was easy to see how it would be gorgeous in this setting.

The wines I tasted included Pinot Grigio, Leon Millot, Sweet Apple, Sweet Cherry, Sweet Stueben and Rosy Cheeks.  They also included a sample of a mixture of their Sweet Cherry wine mixed with Sunkist Orange soda which tasted similar to a sangria mix and concluded with a conversation comparing recipes.  It is apparent that making the customer feel comfortable and welcome is a priority of this winery.


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