Red Plastic Cup for Wine

I never imagined that I would read an article focused on the red plastic cup on a scientific website, but Scientific American has a blog post about anthropology in practice specifically related to the red plastic cup.  The article goes into detail about how drinking vessels are an important equalizer in many cultures when drinking alcohol is involved.  Honestly, it was an interesting read.


As the article states, “The red plastic cup is the champion of the everyday and the unpretentious. It suggests a relaxed, convival atmosphere and invites everyone to join the party. It won’t reveal the contents contained so whether it’s alcohol, tea, fruit juice, or water, everyone belongs and everyone can participate.”  The statement seems accurate when considering the occasions that I use a red Solo cup.

I think I have about seen it all after discovering this take on the red solo cup geared toward wine drinkers.  Actually, they had a selection geared toward about any type of drink you could imagine.  To check out the selection, visit Red Cup Living.

I haven’t decided if I am sold on the red plastic wine glass, though. It would be funny as a gag gift or glass to carry around at a casual summer get together for a few laughs.  I suppose the only other instance that I can imagine using it for would be while sitting around a fire in the backyard during the summer drinking some wine.


The sippy cup for wine could also work well for a fire pit in the back yard. If you are looking for some low-key summer options to enjoy your wine out of, it looks like you are covered!


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