My first experience with Limonello was while visiting a swanky restaurant before going to watch Wicked with some aunts and cousins.  It’s one of those cocktails that transports you to another time and era.  I instantly felt more relaxed and content.  Images of a long, white, wooden picnic table in the backyard where family gathers, dishes and drinks are passed around in abundance and wildly exaggerated stories of the week were rehashed for entertainment conjured up in my mind.  I wanted to drink this concoction regularly!


Enter the recipe I recently stumbled across online.  It outlines how to make your own Limoncello Liqueur.  It only takes 80 days!  I can feel my excitement and anxiousness for the final product already.  It seems like a relatively simple process, with the majority of the work on the first day and minimal effort required again until the filtering process 40 days in and the end of the process.  I am thinking that these adorable little bottles of alcoholic lemon goodness would be great gift ideas for friends on their birthdays, special occasions and such.

I will report back in approximately 80 days to let you know how this procedure turned out.  If you would like to try it yourself before hearing my results, you can find the recipe below:

Limoncello Liqueur Recipe


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