Manyana Tempranillo






On Bottle/Website:

* 12.5% alcohol

* Vines planted over 2,000 years ago by the Romans

* Juicy classic saturated with wild black fruits, cherries and a hint of savory spices

* Perfect with all kinds of meat and veggies

* Pairs well with the classic regional dish of olives and salted almonds

My Notes:

Appearance- clear, bright, purple, low concentration, rim variation (lighter purple on the edges), low viscosity

Nose- clean, weak intensity, young, black cherry, blackberry, plum, cinnamon, unidentified spices, red rose

Palate- dry, light bodied, confirms nose, much less fruit in the taste than on the nose, more dark flowery and spices on palate, medium alcohol, medium minus acidity, low tannin, short finish, low complexity

On its own, this wine did nothing to impress me.  It was not a bad wine, it just didn’t offer much in terms of flavor.  It was very weak in intensity, which has its time and place.  Paired with a steak and carnita burrito and some chips and salsa, though, this wine was a great accompaniment.  It was light enough to not overpower the flavors of the fresh, acidic vegetables.  The wine also had light fruit flavors that melded well with the steak and pulled pork.

I also drank it the next night with spaghetti squash and a ground turkey spaghetti sauce with zucchini and yellow squash.  The Tempranillo was a good match for this dish as well. I will not purchase this wine simply as a drinking wine, but it has its place with the right meal.  And ringing in at under $10, it is certainly at an everyday drinking price point.


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