New Glarus Beer

The tasting room at New Glarus Brewing Company was expansive and well staffed.  There were picnic tables set up right outside of the room to make it easy to enjoy beautiful weather while sampling their beer. Each sample was one ounce of their brew and cost $3.50 for three samples.  As they had six types of beer on tap, I decided to purchase two sets of samples.


Spotted Cow (Farmhouse Ale)

This unfiltered Farmhouse Ale is their best selling beer.  They describe it as easy, approachable, slightly fruity and soft on the palate.  I tasted notes of citrus fruit, specifically grapefruit.  It was light, crisp and definitely easy drinking.  Perfect for a summer afternoon.

Cabin Fever

This beer is a Wisconsin Style Honey Bock.  They describe it as easy going and more approachable than its traditional dark German cousin.  The pale bock is brewed with an exclusive blend of Wisconsin two row barley and balances seamlessly with their special European hops.  Naturally sweet Clover Honey was added in the kettle, accenting warm flavor notes on the tongue.  The honey notes were prevalent.  This beer would taste good with a slice of orange added.

Two Women (Classic Country Lager)

This beer is the collaboration of two craft companies: New Glarus Brewing and Weyermann Malting, both led by women.  It is a classic country lager brewed with Weyermann’s floor-malted Bohemian malt and Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops.  This beer smelled malty on the nose.  It was light with a clean finish.  The long finish allowed the taste to still develop.  This was one of my favorites!

Moon Man (No-Coast Pale Ale)

This beer is seasonal with a bright, bold blend of five hops that flirt obligingly with the smooth malty backside.  It is bold and engaging without pretense.  This beer is brewed to be enjoyed immediately.  This beer had a bitter nose with orange and grapefruit.  When tasting, the lemon flavors were more prevalent.  The beer became smoother as I drank it.

Black Top (Black IPA)

This beer pours a hop forward jet black color with aromatic bitterness.  Chocolate and molasses malts undertones are weaved together with a soaring rush of clean citrus and pine notes, delivering a drinkable Black IPA.  The smell of hops jumped out of this glass, but the most prevalent taste I noticed was roasted coffee beans.


This beer was produced after a sever drought caused the cherry crop to fail.  The brewmaster purchased the cherries he could and mixed it with apples the cranberry harvest.  This beer was a happy accident of Wisconsin’s favorite fruits aged in oak with almost a magical wild fermentation in this sour ale.  Strong cherry notes were noticeable in the nose, but the taste was strong cranberry with a slight apple flavor.


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