Boxed Wine

I used to have a rather negative impression of the concept of boxed wine.  The thought always conjured up an image of the big white Franzia box of blush wine sitting in my aunt’s fridge, which did not necessarily scream sophistication to me.  But recently I have revisited the idea of boxed wine and been pleasantly surprised.


Last summer I took the leap and bought a small tetra box of Bota Box Pinot Grigio.  The purchase began simply as a matter of convenience.  I was going on a picnic and this small box of wine required no corkscrew and provided the perfect amount of wine for myself for lunch.  I was delightfully surprised to find that the Pinot Grigio in the box was worthwhile.  Perfect for a light lunch outside in the summer.

About the same time, I was noticing advertisements on television for Black Box Wine.  The packaging looked elegant for a boxed wine, it had recently won a few awards and I liked the fact that they showcased the environmental factor of boxed wine. I decided to give their Cabernet Sauvignon a try.  There was nothing offensive about it at all.  It was actually better than some bottled Cabernet Sauvignon that I have tasted.

I have not had a boxed wine since last summer when I tried those two brands.  It’s not that I have anything against boxed wine anymore when the right occasion presents itself, I simply never think about purchasing them.  I recently read an article on Real Simple about the best boxed wines and I decided that I am going to give them a shot again this summer, when the convenience factor goes up.  I look forward to trying a few on their list and determining if I still enjoy them as much as I did last year, after acquiring more knowledge about wine in general within the past year.


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