Celebrity Wine, Beer & Spirits

Is it just me or does it seem like every time I turn around I see a new wine, beer or spirit produced by a celebrity?  Maybe I am just jealous of them because they have such a high disposable income that they can simply do this as a side investment for fun, while many average citizens (myself included!) would love the opportunity to devout their whole career to running their own business in the wine, beer or spirits industry with the luxury of basically unlimited funds.


Now, it is pervasive everywhere you look.  Even in television shows.  I remember being flabbergasted when I located a bottle of Avion tequila in a liquor store while looking for margarita ingredients. I thought it was a fake tequila concocted purely for the show Entourage. I had no idea it was an actual spirit. It was like life imitating art.  On the show, one character was trying to use his celebrity buddy to market the tequila.  I ended up purchasing a bottle simply because they had a smaller size that was half the price of the other good tequilas (and it ended up being a solid choice).  Well played, Turtle. Well played.  Your marketing and celebrity status got my attention.

Sean Combs has Ciroc vodka. Rapper Xzibits now has a line of tequila called Bonita. George Clooney and Randy Gerber are launching a tequila named Casamigos. The Grateful Dead and Pearl Jam are crafting beers with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Kenny Chesney is launching a rum called Blue Chair Bay.

In the wine industry, I am assuming that Francis Ford Coppola was probably one of the first to dip his toes in the water back in the 70s.  Now Drew Barrymore has a line of wines, along with Fergie’s line titled Ferguson Crest, Richard Gere’s Tuscan label, Mike Ditka’s line (Mike Ditka?!?), Keyshawn Johnson’s line, and Tyler Florence has wines under Mondavi.  I am certain there are many more celebrity wines out there that I have never even seen.

I have no doubt that some of these celebrity offerings are actually decent wine, beer and spirits.  But the industry is starting to remind me of the perfume/cologne industry where anyone with money can develop their own brand. Now it is hard to even find a perfume or cologne display that isn’t dominated by celebrity options.

Has anyone tried any of these (or other) celebrity owned wine, beer and spirits?  I have tried the Avion and Coppola wine, but other than that I have pretty much steered clear of these offerings.


3 thoughts on “Celebrity Wine, Beer & Spirits

  1. Well, I’ve had some of the Coppola wines. They can be quite good. What about that Skinny Girl wine? Anyone tried those from Bethenny Frankel of “Real Housewives NY” fame? I’m neither skinny nor am I a girl, so I assume I’m not in the targeted demographic. But they are in lots of stores now.

    • I forgot about the Skinny Girl line! I tried one of the first products she made for the line… maybe a margarita or cosmo? In any case, I thought it was terrible. I know she has wine now, but I’ve heard that it is tastes like it is simply watered down to make it less caloric. I also think that there are some housewives from the Orange County series that do a wine club. Can’t say I would trust their judgement!

  2. Coppola is not my favorite. Just because you have enough money to bottle a wine under your name doesn’t mean you have to.

    Skinny girl alcohol is also disgusting but it’s not aimed at a beer drinking male.

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