Antinori Sangiovese Santa Cristina Toscana

Antinori Santa Cristina



(Tuscany, Italy)


On Bottle/Website:

* 90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot

* Chianti sub-region

* Intense bouquet of mature fruits

* Well structured, harmonious, soft and very pleasing on the palate

My Notes:  

*Appearance: clear, bright, medium intensity, ruby, medium viscosity

*Nose: sound/clean, medium intensity, aroma/youthful, cherry, raspberry, tobacco

*Palate: dry, light bodied, confirms fruit on the nose, medium low tannins, medium alcohol, medium acidity, medium complexity, medium minus length

I tasted this wine while dining at a local Italian restaurant.  The lighting was dim, so some of my appearance notes may be compromised by that factor.

I paired it with a pepperoni and sausage panzerotti. For those of you unfamiliar with panzerotti, it is basically a deep-fried calzone.  In other words, a little piece of heaven. Homemade marinara sauce smothered the dish.  Melted mozzarella cheese oozed out of the pocket as it was cut open with a knife. Yes, it is so massive that a knife is necessary to cut this behemoth dish!  The Sangiovese paired nicely with this meal and I would most certainly drink it with a zesty, tomato based Italian dish again in the future.


2 thoughts on “Antinori Sangiovese Santa Cristina Toscana

    • It was delicious… I just finished off the leftovers last night! I wish I would have picked up a bottle of this wine to finish it off with at home. What was I thinking? I assumed it was a good value since they were selling it by the glass so I was pleasantly surprised to see the pricing.

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