Barrel-Aged Cocktails

My dad has a few wine barrels in his basement that he used to use to make homemade wine.  I have been debating whether or not to attempt making my own wine in these barrels, but after hearing about barrel-aged cocktails I may have stumbled upon another project to try first!

Barrel-aging cocktails infuses vanilla, caramel and oak flavors subtly into the drink.  I think it would be very interesting to taste first-hand on a smaller scale how wood and air can change the cocktail by trying samples of the drink each week.  People who have barrel-aged cocktails explain the process as softening the harsh edges, blending the flavors more harmoniously and adding layers of flavor.

Some cocktails that are known to work well being barrel-aged include Manhattans, Gin Martinis, Negronis, Chrysanthemums, El Presidentes and Bamboos.   I am still debating what type of drink I want to try the first round.  I am also thinking that a smaller, one liter barrel might work much better than a large wine barrel.  Are there any other cocktails that you think might work well with this process?


Barrel-Aging Cocktails

* If the barrel is new and dry inside, fill it with water and let stand until watertight (about 24 hours) and drain.

* Fill the barrel with all of the liquid ingredients needed for your cocktail, using a funnel.

* Age the cocktail until it has taken on a softer, rounded but not overly oaky flavor (about 1 month).  Taste a sample once a week to ensure that you are not letting it age too long.

* Strain the cocktail through a coffee filter-lined funnel into a glass container.

* If you age a new cocktail in the barrel after a previous one, it may pick up on some of the flavor from the first cocktail aged in the barrel.  This can be a fun thing to play around with while aging drinks!

* Store until you are able to enjoy!


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