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Up until this point, I was the kind of wine shopper that simply purchased a bottle or two when I knew I would need it.  If I had plans to join my relatives for a lasagna dinner, I would pick up a couple of bottles of red to compliment the meal.  Or I might pick up a particular wine that I thought a friend or family member might enjoy.  I typically have about four bottles of wine around my house at any given time: a favorite red, a favorite white and a couple of bottles from local wineries.

But as I am trying more wines, I am finding more varieties that I love.  As my repertoire of wines is growing, so is my desire to have many of these bottles of wine instantly available at my house.  Also, as I find more wines that I am enjoying, I am finding more bottles that I would like to try. My wine list is growing like crazy. So now I don’t know if I should be stocking up on wines I know I love or sticking to ones I haven’t tried!  Obviously, there is a fine balance here and I just have to find it for myself, but on a limited budget, this could get interesting.

So I was curious what other people do.  Do you keep a list of wines that you are interested in trying and buy a few each week?  Do you have a wine cellar stocked with cases of wine?  Do you purchase mostly wine you already know you love or do you purchase mostly new wine?  How do you organize your wine?  I have a million other questions, but any insight you have about what works best for you or any other methods you have heard about would be greatly appreciated!


14 thoughts on “Wine Organization

  1. Looking at your list of questions, you don’t need to answer them one way or the other for all of them. You can have a list of wines to try, that make sense – but when you see an interesting bottle while in the store, why not just go ahead and get that bottle? If you have space and budget, it is great to have a well stocked cellar, but beware of the fact that once you really get into wines, unless you are independently wealthy, you quickly run out of space and money. You should by the wines you already know and love, just in case you want to experience that wine again – and of course you should look for the new wines, it is not for nothing millions of wines are produced anew every year. I’m not good at organization – I have a loose idea of the wines I have. Many people use cellar tracker, and then there are some apps for the same.
    Enjoy the ride : )

    • Thanks! I fully intend to enjoy every moment of it : ) I know there will be a trial and error component when I am figuring out what the best way to go about this process is for me. I am curious about how other people have found what works for them because maybe I will find a suggestion that will work for me. Honestly, with my space and budget constraints, I don’t foresee myself having more than a couple of cases of wine on hand at any given moment, but a girl can dream, right? I would LOVE to have an extensive wine cellar, but that will be quite a few years down the road (if ever!)

  2. Agree with talkavino above. Questions can be answered either way or not.
    I don’t keep a wish list because I’m just too disorderly and impulsive. I get a bunch of wines that are drink now wines. Some I haven’t tried others are daily faves. Then, I get one or two at a time wines that are keepers for special occasions. I used to manage my splurges among other methods by getting Bordeaux futures which now have gotten stupid expensive. After a while you realize what you arent getting to and you scale back certain wines. I guess I’m saying you build a stash by following your own style and budget. I use cellartracker just for the drink ability report as I find it great but a lot of work.

    • Thanks for sharing! I guess since I am still in the early stages of trying a lot of different wines, I don’t quite have my style figured out. I thought I did, but then I tasted so many different wines that I had never tasted before (Vouvray, Albarino, Cote de Brouilly) and found even more varieties that I want to stock. I am thinking that the more I try, the more I am just going to keep finding wines I want to keep drinking! Tough problem to have : )

  3. I make trips to the wine store and enjoy lingering.I buy what sticks out to me based on my varied interests and wine. I only seem to purchase a few Vineyards regularly though.the wine is then stored in our wine chiller until the meal arises which it will pair perfect with. Oh, and we also frequent wineries bringing home way more product than we can drink.

    • It’s so hard to pass up wine at wineries because if I am any measurable distance from home, I’m afraid that I will regret not purchasing the wine! I just visited a great winery in Minnesota last week and I’ve already finished the three bottles I bought and I wish I had purchased more of one in particular. Since it is a three hour drive away, I will not be getting another bottle any time soon.

  4. The world of wine is so vast it is simply overwhelming. Many years ago, when just starting out, I received some great advice that worked for me: Focus on one region until you are very comfortable with it, then gradually keep adding to it. I know if I kept hopping around, I would never remember or retain much info.

    I, too, use Cellar Tracker and I find it extremely useful. If I did not have a way to keep track of everything it would get ugly and quick. Be forewarned: it is quite the slippery slope! I was once like you not all that long ago and now I have well over 1000 bottles!

    • Great advice about focusing on one region at a time. That makes perfect sense but I don’t know that I would have done that on my own. I will have to check out Cellar Tracker after hearing about all of the people using it. I assumed it simply kept inventory of what you have (which for me isn’t much at the moment), but it sounds like it might be a good resource for keeping tabs on what I have tasted.

  5. My collection has grown since my early days in High School. My first real cellar was the coal room under my front porch that was no longer necessary. In our new house I built a cellar that fit my concept of what a cellar should look like and I wondered if I could ever fill it up with 900 bottles, nowadays it seems that there is more like 1400 bottles. The worst part is that on occassion I forget about a wine, until it has seen better days. I should use an app, but I am too lazy to go through and enter everything into it. There is no rhyme or reason anymore about what we purchase for the cellar. God forbid if we really like some wines at a tasting, because this may add two or three cases more to the count, and I must admit that my Bride can be as bad as I am, I tell friends that if they want to find out what a wine tastes like, buy a bottle, hopefully you can buy more. I say just enjoy the wines and have fun with them,

      • LOL, the rest of the basement is not as nice as the wine cellar. I do have some photos interspersed through my writings of the room, but it is not that big. I can not turn around in the room, if I need wines from another area, I must leave the room and step back in backwards to get to another wall. The pleasant thing is, that I can usually entertain with any type of wine my guests ask for, or can pair with anything my Bride prepares. It did not happen overnight though, keep writing and enjoying your wines.

  6. Thanks! I am certainly all about enjoying the process of educating myself on wine! It sounds like you and your Bride have a great system figured out. It’s so much better when you have someone to enjoy the wine with and who has a passion for the process as well.

  7. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long
    comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Regardless, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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