Pascal Jolivet Sancerre

Pascal Jolivet



(Loire Valley, France)


On Bottle:

* Sauvignon Blanc grapes

* Pale and vibrant in color

* Fresh & clean with racy acidity

* Dry & elegant wine

My Notes:

* Appearance: Clear, star bright, medium straw with edges of green, medium viscosity

* Nose: Sound/clean, medium/medium minus intensity, lemon pith, grapefruit, green apple, fresh cut grass, gooseberry, white flowers (jasmine, apple bottoms), chalky, wet rock, no wood

* Palate: bone dry, medium body, confirms fruit, pear, medium alcohol, medium acidity, medium finish and medium complexity

I tried this wine during a blind deductive tasting and thoroughly enjoyed the flavor.  After looking up the price point and realizing that it is in my typical price range for a wine, I will be picking up a bottle in the near future.


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