Ciderboys Magic Apple

Honestly, I have never been a fan of hard apple cider.  My cousin bought some for us to drink one night, and I didn’t want to be unappreciative, so I tried a bottle of the Ciderboys Magic Apple.  I thought that the addition of strawberry flavor might help my enjoyment of the hard cider.


Basic Info (via Ciderboys website)

Crisp, apple hard cider blended with the fresh taste of strawberries, soft and deep red, backed by mouthwatering sweetness and a delicate hint of tartness.

ABV: 5%

My notes:

Ciderboys is a new Wisconsin cider maker based in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. They introduced their hard cider in Wisconsin in November of 2012 and grew to other local states recently.  I am always a supporter of local producers, so I especially wanted to give this hard cider a shot.

This apple strawberry hard cider had tart apple and strawberry notes in the smell.  The color was a dark golden yellow.  The taste was tart and confirmed the apple and strawberry aromas. It was light and bubbly, with a hint of domestic beer taste in the finish.

If you typically like hard ciders, I’m sure this would be good for you.  I could easily drink a bottle of it, but I think it was too tart for me to drink any more than one.


4 thoughts on “Ciderboys Magic Apple

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time in the UK over the last 10 years. Cider there is very different and you can actually find all sorts of different styles. Sitting in a pub in Cumbria, cider works. I love it. Haven’t tried many North Amecan ciders but it would be great to hear about some that folks like.

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