Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery, Spring Valley, Minnesota


I recently visited the Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery in Spring Valley, Minnesota.  I had looked at pictures on their website of the restaurant and tasting room and I was looking forward to seeing first-hand the gorgeous facilities.  The ambiance did not disappoint.

This winery has only been open a little over a year, but they have a lot of wonderful things happening in their business.  The food they served was fabulous.  At our table we shared sloppy joe nachos, three different soups (split pea, potato & bacon and chili), pork belly tacos and a large slice of German chocolate cake.  The presentation was flawless and the taste was incredible!  We were all satisfied.

The winery provides a tasting of five different wines of their choosing for $5.  I was a bit disappointed because I had researched the winery and already knew what wines I was interested in tasting, and none of them were on the list.  I tend to lean toward drier wines and this selection provided only semi-sweet and sweet offerings.  I did ask the server about their Marquette, which was a dry red that had recently won awards at a wine competition and she immediately offered to give me a sample of that wine as well. It turned out to be my favorite of the day, so I was pleased that she was gracious enough to let me try it.  I also sampled a dessert wine in a chocolate cup for an extra $2.


They offered to do the tasting at our table, which I thought was a great idea at first.  Then the tasting ended up taking the whole meal.  I was hoping to chose a favorite of the wines and have a glass with my meal.  I now realize that I’m not even sure if it was possible to simply purchase a glass of wine, as I didn’t see any glass prices listed on the chalkboard.

The wines I tasted were:

Brianna- a semi-sweet white wine that reminded me of a riesling, with pear, apricot and green apple notes

Edelweiss- a white wine with a very light aroma that was not quite as sweet as the Brianna

Marechal Foch Rose- a rose colored wine similar to a white zinfandel.  The description of of this wine included that it had a nose of jolly ranchers and we found that to be spot on.

Frontenac Rose- a fruity wine with dark fruit notes including black cherry, plum and fig

Sparkling Moscato- an effervescent, sweet white wine with citrus fruit notes including orange, lemon and tangerine

Special Reserve Blend- a dessert wine made from a blend of their other wines initially intended just for family consumption

Marquette- a dry, medium bodied red with notes of fruit jam including plum, blackberry and currants with pepper and oak

I purchased bottles of Marquette and Brianna to take to work and share with my co-workers because we make a wine out of Marquette grapes and the retail manager’s name is Brianna.  I also purchased a bottle of the sparkling Moscato to share with my cousin this weekend when she is back home to visit as she loves Moscato and I think she will particularly enjoy the sparkling aspect of this particular bottle.

I hope to return to Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery sometime this summer.  The woman working informed us that they have a few new types of wine coming out soon and that they hope to eventually have a list of over twenty different wines.  I look forward to tasting more of what they have to offer!


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