Montoya Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir


(Monterey County)


On Bottle:

* Raspberry and black cherry notes

* Full flavored

My notes:

Nose: Spicy

After 3 hour decant: Cherry

After 6 hour decant: Cherry and raspberry

Taste: Tannin mouthfeel

After 3 hour decant: much smoother

After 6 hour decant: mellow and watery

I preferred the nose after a 6 hour decant and the taste after a 3 hour decant. I found it to have a mild flavor, not full flavored as the bottle states.  The 3 hour decant left the tannins smooth and the mild fruit flavor became more prevalent.  This is the type of the wine that allows the food to take center stage when paired with a meal. For me, this wine would pair well with chicken or a pork chop dish. I enjoy a nice light bodied red, so pinot noirs are often my go to wine with a weekday meal.  I will definitely purchase this one again.


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