Host Wine Aerator

For the past few years, I have been using the Vinturi wine aerator with my dry reds.  When I recently came across the Host adjustable wine aerator, which allows you to decant any wine from zero to six hours instantly, I was intrigued.


When I was first introduced to the wine aerator, I was skeptical.  Was it possible for this little contraption to put enough oxygen into the wine to make a significant difference in taste?  So I tried one of my favorite wines side by side through the aerator and was amazed at the difference.

When I first saw this aerator, with the ability to decant the wine by the hour, I was again skeptical.  So I decided to test it with a pinot noir, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.  I poured three glasses of each type of wine:  one control, one at three hours and one at six hours.

The product description states, “The acrylic strainer filters out unwanted sediment while the flow meter regulates the pour for dependable aeration levels every time.”  To change the decant time, you simply twist the steel band to show the amount of time you prefer.

With the pinot noir, the control smelled spicy and peppery.  Run through the aerator at a three hour decant, there was a clear cherry nose.  At the six hour mark, I could catch the cherry notes yet, but also raspberry.  I had never tested the effectiveness of the aerator on the nose of wine before and was quite surprised at the significant difference it made.

There was a definitive change in the taste of the wine, as well.  The tannins were much smoother as the level of aeration increased.  At the six hour mark, the pinot noir felt too mellow and watery for me.  My preference would be a three hour decant on this wine. (But strangely enough, I preferred the six hour decant when it came to the smell of the wine.)

With the merlot, the control had vanilla and cherry notes.  Although I picked up the same smells throughout the three tastings, the fruit aromas became more prevalent the longer it was decanted.

I could detect oaky flavor when tasting the merlot, but maybe my olfactory bulb isn’t sophisticated enough yet to have picked up on that when swirling and sniffing the wine.  The longer the wine was decanted, the smoother it tasted.  My preference was the six hour decant with this wine.

The control of the cabernet sauvignon produced a nose filled with spice, currants and blackberries, in my opinion.  The three hour decant still had a prevalent spice to it, but the bouquet had seemed to mellow.  In the six hour decant, I picked up mostly currant and cherry aromas.

The taste of the control was full of tannins and when I coated my tongue with the wine, I perceived a great deal of bitterness.  As the wine was decanted, it was smoother, but I still didn’t care for this particular cabernet sauvignon. I always thought I had enjoyed cabs, but didn’t drink them often because I can usually never find someone to split a bottle with me.  I will have to do more investigating to see if it was simply this particular vintage and label or if I have been mistaken on my perception of cabernet sauvignons!

I will have to continue playing with this aerator to find the perfect decant levels for different wines, as I only used three and six in this experiment.  As far as I can tell, the less body in the wine, the less decanting it needed to fit my preferences.  I will have to do more research on that, as I have never officially decanted.  I have always simply used the Vinturi aerator, and I’m not sure how that would translate to hours decanted.  I always simply knew that I preferred the taste after it had been run through the aerator.  This is where the research gets fun!  Maybe next time I will take one wine and try it at every hour mark to differentiate and see what fits my preferences and if my theory holds up.

My Go-To Drinks

I have a very unsophisticated palate, but I have been enjoying beer, spirits and wine for awhile and I know what I enjoy. I am curious to see if my tastes will change as I become more knowledgable about alcohol and try a plethora of new products.

One of my favorite times of the year is the holiday season.  I love a good drink and the holidays seem to bring about more than a few opportunities to have a social cocktail.  For me, the holiday season starts with my birthday, which is typically celebrated about a week before Thanksgiving, and lasts well into the new year.  You may notice a few seasonal drinks on my list of favorites below because of my affinity for the holidays.

Bailey’s Irish Cream

Such a lovely holiday treat!  I even bought an ice mold tray that will make ice shot glasses, perfect for the Bailey’s.

Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale

I am quite particular about pumpkin ale.  This St. Louis brewery is phenomenal and their seasonal pumpkin ale is the best I have ever tasted.  I never seem to get enough of it before it is off the shelves.

Ketel One Vodka

I was not always particular about what kind of vodka I drank.  In college, the five dollar bottle was economical and got the job done for tailgating purposes.  Now that I have a more discerning palette and suffer from hangovers more easily, I prefer to spend a bit more money for the smooth taste and ability to function the next day.  I recommend putting this bottle in the freezer for an even smoother effect.

Avion Tequila

As with the vodka, I am willing to pay for the smoother tequila.  I did not even realize that Avion was an actual brand;  I simply thought it was concocted for the show Entourage.  When I saw the perfect smaller sized bottle for my margarita needs, I snapped a bottle up to check it out.  I was impressed.  Well played, Turtle.  Well played.

** Need a perfect margarita recipe?  Check this one out:  Margarita Recipe

Captain Morgan

Does it mean I am an alcoholic if the Friday night bartender at the nearest watering hole to my work place knows exactly what to pour me when I walk in after a long work week?  I didn’t think so.

Captain Morgan and Diet Dr. Pepper is my go-to after work drink on a Friday night.  I have converted more people than you would think to mixing this spiced rum with Diet Dr. Pepper.

X Rated Fusion 

When I want a girly drink, I turn to this pretty pink liquor.  Mixed with a cheap bottle of champagne, this mango, blood orange and passion fruit infused vodka makes an excellent girls night in cocktail.

Cavit Pinot Grigio

A lovely pinot grigio to have with a plate of cheese or chicken dish.  It is very drinkable and reasonably priced, which is important for a simple wine with your meal.

Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir

For me, this is the perfect inexpensive light bodied dry red to enjoy with a nice Italian meal.  Cheers to comfort food and table wine!